A broken lady of filth….

Soul shattering describes my world at the moment.  When one the multiple plates I spin falls out of balance, the others keep revolving.  Never has more than one plate fallen out of balance.   Within a few weeks: I lost the job I moved across country to take, moved back home, & tried to recover from that mental blow.  While recovering from that, a relationship that had gotten deep so quickly had an explosive ending leaving me in the wind & losing a friend/lover without warning.

Now here I am getting ready to start a new job while trying to recover from the emotional and mental bruises I have withstood in the last few weeks.  Can I recover from this and stand tall once again? *shrugs*.   My writings will be about that journey: working, recovering from heartbreak as a single submissive/masochistic female while trying to decide can I still be the same girl I once was, & the ups and downs along the way.  Writing has always been therapeutic for me.  The goal is to remain authentic & true to myself.  Hopefully, along the way I will emerge from the darkness in order to feel the sun shining on my face once again.   Walk along that journey with me – or drop in, sit down, have a cup of coffee, & share along with me.


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